Where to Escape Crowds in Overtouristed Venice

Cloisters of Cini Foundation. Photo Davide Repetto for D’Uva

Where to Escape Crowds in Overtouristed Venice

By Lily Heise for Frommer’s

Nicknamed La Serenissima, Venice seems anything but serene in summer when the historic center’s population of 50,000 triples in size. Tourists numbers to the lagoon city have reached 25 to 30 million visitors per year, many of whom are daytrippers arriving by train or cruise ship and leaving by nightfall. However, since the masses generally stick to a small radius of Piazza San Marco and the larger streets that lead to the train station, all it takes is a slight detour (or boat ride) to distance yourself from the pack. Find the magic of this mythical city at the lesser known, and more importantly, lesser visited gems of Venice. Read the full story here.

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