5 Places to Find Romance Only in Paris

picnic on the berges paris
Paris is the romantic capital of the world, however, it can be somewhat challenging meeting people. In the era of dating apps, is it still possible to meet people in person? Absolutely! But you may need to be a little daring and get out around town at these various meet-friendly places. Happy romancing!

French bakery Paris

In Line at the Bakery

We all know that the French love their daily pain. That cute image of a Frenchman or woman with a baguette under their arm happens every day… and usually as clockwork. With over 1,200 bakeries in the capital itself, there are usually a few within a stone’s throw of any given point in the city, the chances of potential romantic interests frequenting the same boulangerie at approximately the same time everyday are extremely high. Is he a croissant in the morning as he rushes off to work at 8:15 type of guy? Does she pick up her tradition on her way home at 7:25 pm? Be sure to keep your cute-dar on full blast the next few times you’re at the bakery, perhaps try to come at a few different times to scout out the fellow clients, you’ll surely spot some mignons et mignonnes in the mix. Perhaps you could be conveniently lacking 5 cents and look around for a loan? Accidently tap on the arm your hot target with your fresh-out-of-the-oven baguette? They are a multitude of strategies you could stir up a conversation.

French cheese aisle in Paris The Cheese Aisle Of the Supermarket

Now we’re talking. You might get much better cheese at a real fromagerie, but that’s no place to talk to other customers with the cheese vendor asking you “avec ce-ci?” and trying to secretly cut you the largest chunk of 38 euros a kilo comté. Plus you’ll want to go in the evening to catch the relaxed professionals picking up a few items after a long day at work, most cheese shops will be already closed. A vast refrigerated aisle entirely dedicated to fromage… Is he really reaching for that discount store brand camembert? You might want to shuffle down the aisle. Is she picking up a triangle of ossau iraty? Parfait! This will give you a chance to not only ask her how to pronounce this delicious basque cheese, but also if what kind of milk it’s made from, sure you might know the answer is sheep’s milk, however, you need a good premise to talk. You could also reach up for some gouda with cumin at the same time, accidentally knock a ball of mozzarella into their basket… the possibilities are about as endless as varieties of French cheese. I was almost going to add in yogurt to this list, it’s a close second, and usually in the same aisle, so you’ve got a two-for-one.

Velib Station Paris

While Vélibing 

Okay, I know what you’re going to say, many other cities have a bike sharing system like the Vélib in Paris, nevertheless, Paris was one of the first to implement one and it also has one of the most extensive networks now with over 16,000 bikes available at over 1,800 stations… In addition to the higher quantity, the way the city is set up, with few bike lanes, as well as the flirtatious nature of the Parisians, you’ve got much, much higher chances of these vélib tactics working here. Already the self-service kiosks where you get out a bike offer up a range of approaches: perhaps you can pretend you don’t know how to work it (or truly do not have a clue), you could have trouble removing your bike and ask the seemingly kind and strong person pulling out a nearby bike to assist you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at the traffic lights next to a sexy fellow véliber, this is your perfect chance to bump her bike, accidently fall into his, ask for directions… I’ve even tried to speed up a few times to catch up to a cutie who’d just whizzed by me, so this velib-loving has some health benefits as well.

French comics

Perusing the Latest BDs at a Comic Shop

I’m not really sure if I would ever do this, but I still think it’s a pretty good idea. The French love books in general, but adult comic books hold a special place in many hearts. I have often wondered why, though I’ve given up trying to find a logical reason behind this. The important point is that there are dozens of speciality shops around the city or whole sections in large FNAC (if you’re too embarrassed to go into one of the former all by yourself) all lined with comics being flipped through by cute boys, and some cute girls (you’ll know she’s got a quirky side). There they will be intently flipping through the latest in their adult comic, the perfect time to catch them off guard in your cute foreign accent. “C’est bien cela?” “Ah… j’adore cet auteur.” Or you can simple resort to reaching up to pull out a comic from the shelf above them which falls on the comic they are reading allowing you to apologize profusely… Be more adventurous than Tintin!

picnicking on les berges

Flirting with Fellow Picnickers

Yes, it’s true, people picnic all over the world, but the Parisians do it so well. This is more likely due to all the fabulous public spaces along the city’s waterways that are calling out to picnickers and less because of the city’s mediocre picnicking weather. When the weather is cooperating, out come the bottles of rosé, the bags of dijon mustard chips, the packets of charcuterie and the rounds of cheese (maybe you can invite the cutie from the supermarket aisle to come to your picnic??). After a few glasses of wine, there are ample opportunities to chat with others munching and sipping away in your proximity. A sure-fire tactic is to have an excuse to go up to a particular group, perhaps you need to borrow a bottle opener (hide yours first), request some plastic cups or offer them some of your extra goodies? Be sure to suss out the group in advance, it’s better to approach either small groups of two or three or fairly large ones that have sort of divided into sub-groups. 

Have you met any romantic interests at other cool very Parisian places? Add them to the comments! We’ve love to hear your tips and success stories!



  • It is funny I actually met my girlfriend while waiting in line at the bakery. Unlike you mentioned on the post, I didn’t have any particular strategies in mind as I have only used all the bravery I had and start a conversation with her.

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