Be Bold with Babette, Confidence and Relationship Building through Burlesque

There are always great things to do in Paris, however, if you’re looking for something a little different that promotes your wellbeing and confidence in a fun and empowering way, then take a look at the great (and fiesty) classes offered by Babette de la Butte. This well-known Paris-based burlesque performer has designed a variety of classes using the art and techniques of Burlesque to bolster confidence in all its forms. One of these is her excellent Be Bold with Babette class, which has a date coming up on Saturday, November 16th. Learn more about Babette and her classes below.


Babette de la Butte

I first met bubbly and bodacious Babette de la Butte when I attended a burlesque brunch via the troop she’s also involved in, Burlesque Moulin. Chance had our paths cross again, we just so happen to both be residents of La Butte de Montmartre (hence her clever stage name), and we got to know each other over a coffee. It turns out we have another thing in common as we both hail from Canada. Babette also lived in England before landing in Paris (or rather the Republic of Montmartre). A trained actress and singer, Babette got involved in Burlesque which perfectly showcases her many talents.

Be Bold with Babette A Fun and Powerful Class

Earlier this year Babette decided to launch a range of classes taking Burlesque out of its traditional context and applying it life and its challenges. We go through a lot in life, whether it be a lack in self confidence through disappointment, aging, having children or workplace issues. Through her Burlesque practice and own trials and tribulations, Babette realized that the sexy stage art could actually help a lot of people, which is what she strives to do through her classes.

Back in the spring I joined one of her Be Bold with Babette classes. The three hour workshops have been very well thought through and use guided discussion, exercises, and, bien sur, burlesque to help bolster self confidence, accept ourselves as we are and feel good about our bodies. Both fun and uplifting, the goal wasn’t necessarily to employ directly the burlesque moves (but why not?!), but rather to learn how to be more assertive and confident in body and mind… with a good dose of laughter and sassiness. The time flew by and we were all beaming by the time we had to pack up the feather boas and satin gloves. 

Relationships, Workplace and Bachelorettes

In addition to the Be Bold with Babette class, she offers several others. Burlesque for the Bedroom is a private workshop for couples during which the aim is to strengthen the intimate connection between partners instead of creating a performance for the stage. Boss Girl Burlesque gives you additional skills on being confident in the workplace and Babette also can be booked for Burlesque classes for Bachelorettes or to spice up a birthday party. You can read more about her classes at this link.

Babette organizes her Be Bold with Babette in a group format regularly and there is a date coming up on Saturday November 16th. You can learn more about the class here and tickets are available online here. The class can also be booked privately.

Enjoy being bold everyone!

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