Secret Romantic Places in Montmartre – the Video!

Montmartre is one of the most romantic places in Paris, that is, if you get away from the crowds and discover its true hidden gems! I had the pleasure of uncovering them in this new video created by my filmmaker friend Denise Powers. Watch it and learn more about the video and area below!

Secret Romantic Places in Montmartre

I’ve been living in Montmartre for over 15 years (read more about that here). Perhaps it was by living in such a charming part of Paris that I started to focus on looking for the most romantic places and things to do in Paris which I share in the myriad of articles on my site. This eventually led to our “Most Romantic Places in Paris” series. 

We’ve just come out with our guide to the 18ème Arrondissement, of which Montmartre is a part of. Some of the places I talk about in the video, and others, are covered in that article which you can view here.

About the Filmmaker

 The video was created by the talented filmmaker Denise Powers. The writer and director of award-winning the short films Smoking Kills and The Thing About the Morning After, Denise is currently working on several movie and TV projects and shares her time between Paris and L.A. Learn more about Denise and her work on her website here.

Happy Romancing in Montmartre everyone!

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